There are Riches in the Niches- Jessica Schwartz’s Escapee Journey

There are Riches in the Niches- Jessica Schwartz’s Escapee Journey

Jessie Schwartz is the founder of Strategic Packaging Partners, an organization that helps CPG and cosmetics companies maximize their packaging spend. She escaped corporate in 2019 and has since grown it into an agency that offers a range of services. Jessie shares her journey, discussing the challenges and opportunities she encountered along the way. 
She emphasizes the importance of leveraging your network, being creative, and staying curious in order to succeed as a contractor or fractional business owner. 
Jessie also provides insights into pricing strategies and meeting customer needs. In this conversation, Jessie Schwartz shares her advice for starting a business and the importance of setting up an LLC, getting legal services, and having the right insurance. She also emphasizes the need for a website and personal development in entrepreneurship. 
Brett Trainor highlights the importance of defining what you want and the flexibility of building a solo business. They both discuss the value of reading books and networking in the entrepreneurial journey. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights and tips for aspiring escapees.

  • Strategic Packaging Partners helps CPG and cosmetics companies maximize their packaging spend.
  • Leveraging your network and being creative are key to finding clients and opportunities.
  • Pricing strategies for contractors and fractional business owners can vary based on complexity and value.
  • Meeting customers where they're at and providing the value they need is crucial for success.
  • Being curious, adaptable, and willing to learn are important traits for contractors and fractional business owners. Set up an LLC for your business and avoid expensive services by going to the .gov site.
  • Get legal services to review contracts and legal documents to protect yourself from unfavorable clauses.
  • Consider different types of insurance, such as general liability and errors and omissions, based on your industry and risk level.
  • Have a website, even if it's just a landing page, to establish an online presence and provide contact information.
  • Invest in personal development and read books to enhance your skills and mindset as an entrepreneur.
  • Network with others in your industry to make connections and learn from their experiences.
  • Define what you want in your entrepreneurial journey and be open to evolving and growing your business.
  • Manage your time effectively by scheduling tasks and prioritizing rest and self-care.
  • Building a solo business offers flexibility and the ability to control your own growth.

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Sound Bites
  • "We come in and help you guys maximize your packaging so it delivers the most value to your consumers and your bottom line."
  • "It was about 2010 or 2012 maybe that corporations in general started doing kind of rounds of layoffs."
  • "Reaching out to people you've known in the past and just letting them know what you're doing is key."
  • "Save yourself some headache. Set up an LLC on your own."
  • "Legal services are helpful to review contracts and protect yourself from unfavorable clauses."
  • "Consider different types of insurance based on your industry and risk level."

00:00 Introduction and Overview
00:50 Maximizing Packaging Spend for CPG and Cosmetics Companies
01:21 From Corporate Escape to Entrepreneurship
04:54 The Importance of Networking in Fractional Contracting
08:21 Curiosity, Creativity, and Adaptability in the Contracting Space
10:19 Navigating Pricing Strategies as a Fractional Contractor
14:33 Meeting Customers Where They Are and Providing Value
16:18 The Value of Subcontracting in Building a Business
18:27 Navigating Contracts with Legal Services
19:03 Understanding Insurance Coverage
20:49 The Importance of Having a Website
25:06 Building a Network and Making Connections
28:18 Investing in Personal Development