Are you considering leaving or have you left big corporate?  

Do you have 10+ years of experience?  

If you answered YES to both then this is the podcast for you.  

We show you how expert-based freelancing can be your ticket to freedom, flexibility, and financial independence

Our goal is to help freelancers, contractors, independents & side-hustlers build the businesses they want and take control of their destiny

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The One Revenue Strategy Most Escapees Are NOT Using with Brandon Mateika

Today I'm chatting with Brandon Mateika, an escapee who jumpstarted his journey by leveraging partnerships to establish credibility as an expert within months. Find ou...

Create Your Process with Paul Shirley

Today I'm having a radically honest conversation with repeat guest Paul Shirley. Paul is the author of The Process is the Product among other books. I want to find out...

It's Not Sales; It's Problem Solving: A Framework for Getting Your First Client

One of the biggest blockers for folks considering leaving corporate and going solo is the lack of confidence in their ability to sell. When I meet potential corporate ...

187. How to Build Confidence Quickly with Victoria Tretis

Today I'm talking to Victoria Tretis about how she turned her job as a VA into a business. It wasn't a straight path and what I want you to get from this episode is ho...

186. How to Get Customers Without Selling with Kim Laughlin

Today I have Kim Laughlin on the podcast. Kim left her corporate career in HR when she started dreading Mondays. In this conversation you'll hear how she used her skil...

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