The Power of Action: Brett Trainor on Leaving Corporate Life Behind

The Power of Action: Brett Trainor on Leaving Corporate Life Behind

In this episode of "The Corporate Escapee," I'm excited to share my conversation from Beau Billington's "Finding That Next Gear" podcast. Special thanks to Beau for allowing me to feature this insightful discussion.

In the latest episode of "Finding That Next Gear," I had the pleasure of speaking with Brett Trainor, an inspiring entrepreneur on a mission to empower 10,000 Gen Xers to escape the 9-to-5 grind and find true freedom.

🎙️ Episode Highlights:
◾ Brett's journey from a 25-year corporate career to discovering fractional leadership and entrepreneurship.
◾ The accidental yet impactful discoveries that shaped his new path.
◾ The importance of taking action and embracing imperfection in entrepreneurial success.

🌟 Brett shared invaluable insights on:
◾Creating Awareness: Helping others understand the vast possibilities outside corporate life, from fractional roles to solo consulting.
◾Building Community: The significance of finding like-minded individuals and creating support systems.
◾Transparency & Support: How regular communication with family is crucial during major career transitions.
◾ Taking Action: The critical trait that separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest.

🚀 Key Takeaway: "Confidence and action are the cornerstones of entrepreneurial success. Don't wait for perfection; start now, learn as you go, and keep pushing forward."

If you're feeling stuck in your corporate job and yearning for a change, this episode is for you. Brett’s story is a testament to the power of taking control of your career and creating a life that aligns with your values and aspirations.
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